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Interview with Style Says

Last week I had the chance to interview with Jess from Style Says, a site which gives users the ability to chat with friends about different fashion pieces. I had a lot of fun talking to him, a smart guy with an awesome idea. Read his answers to my questions below. To read my interview for Style Says on their blog, click here or read it below as well. To find out more about Style Says, watch this video or check out the site at

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Interview with Style Says

Questions about Style Says:

How did you get the inspiration for Style Says?

After college, all my group of friends lived in different areas. We were sending links back and forth about clothes and stuff. I wanted a better way to get feedback on shopping ideas as opposed to regular email.

You conducted a lot of research to see if there was a need for Style Says. What was your main finding in these studies?

People are comfortable with sending links, many doing it multiple times a day, asking different people for different advice. They didn’t even realize how often they were doing it. In this case, it was not about sharing with the world, just people they actually trust with their opinion and style.

How does Style Says simplify the “emailing links” process?

Style Says pools all the links, pictures, and people in one place that you can refer to. If you want to go back and see “What did she say about that dress?” you can. It also gives you a place for inspiration. You can get immediate feedback, since the chatting feature to answer is in real time. (It is more like Facebook chat than Facebook walls.)

Did Facebook have an impact on inspiration for Style Says?

Yes, it had a direct influence. People always share on Facebook; we had to learn what and with who they wanted to share.  Also, we worked with Facebook because everyone is using it.

Do you use Facebook as a media tool?

Yes, Style Says has a Facebook page where we have giveaways, sales, and style tips.

How many users are on Style Says right now?

A little over 3,000.

How do you receive feedback for Style Says?

We have a feedback button on the site, as well as through twitter and meeting with people in person. We want to make Style Says easy and enjoyable.

Questions about Jess:

What were you doing before Style Says?

I was getting my masters in Enviornmental Science at Stanford University.

What made you get into this?

I always enjoyed fashion and wanted to learn more. I met the other Style Says founders in class. We were building another site together and loved it. We were actually pretty successful, so we decided to pursue it full time. Style Says has helped me learn about fashion and e-commerce.

What is your favorite store or company?

Favorite Online Stores: ASOS and Topshop. Favorite Brand: Levi’s.

Has fashion always been a part of your life?

I grew up in Oklahoma, where the fashion was very different than my personal taste. I didn’t get into fashion until I moved to California. During the last few years I was really exposed to different kinds of fashion. It is something that I have come to love and be excited to work in.

What are your hopes for the future for Style Says?

I want it to become the best source for people to go online and feel confident about their shopping decisions. People can trust their friends. Marketing can sway shopping decisions, but friends can help you think through and feel happy with your decision and therefore more confident when actually wearing the clothes.

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Style Says Interview with Sarah from Simple Style Secrets

Simply Loving Sarah’s Style

Today we’re happy to introduce Sarah of Simple Style Secrets, a personal fashion blog that covers her style evolution over the last year. She started posting on January 1st of this year. Sarah said, “it was a fresh start for me, for my life, for my blog.” She’d always kept up on fashion blogs and all of her friends asked her for style advice. Along with their encouragement she started Simple Style Secrets.

We wanted to know more so here are the questions we asked…

1) What are two of your favorite stores to shop on or offline?

Aldo and Express. I like to shop at the store better, to see how things look together before deciding to buy.

2) How has your home town of Miami influenced your style?

Miami is known for fashion, definitely one of the top cities in the US along with New York and LA. Weather has a large effect on the fashion, so we don’t really experience winter fashion. You don’t have to have four different wardrobes but sometimes I do feel like I’m missing out. I can still throw on a cardigan during the winter and keeping it going during the summer. Also there’s more sex appeal here, it’s about showing skin during the summer. 

3) Fashion blogs vary a lot in clothing and styles. What is the focus of Simple Style Secrets?

It’s a personal style blog, because I don’t do stuff that is runway. Mine is more daily fashion that you could wear to school or work. Even simple things that are cheaper can look good and make you feel great. 

4) So your blog is almost a year old. Has it gotten easier or harder to maintain?

I think it’s easier and harder. I know what to expect and how to take the feedback. I was in college when I started it so there was a lot more time, now I work full-time. Time management has become an issue. On the weekends I try to make two or three posts and then put them up during the week to keep up.

5) So where did the name Simple Style Secrets come from?

I had been throwing around names for a while with my friends. Then one day my mom said my style has always been classic and simple with an accessory to spice it up. 

Any final advice for fashionistas thinking about starting their own blog?

Go for it, don’t be afraid, and represent yourself and everything that you stand for.
Thank you so much to Sarah for the interview. Make sure to check out Simple Style Secrets to add a little Miami flare to your own style.
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Thanks for reading, and a special thanks to Jess at Style Says for taking the time out to chat with me!

- Sarah

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  1. What a great interview, she had so many informative and inspiring answers. Great post, just followed you on twitter too!



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