Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Strike a Pose

Ah, the bun. It has seen me through many phases of my life: years of ballet as a child, the cool "messy" bun in middle school, and the sleek and sophisticated bun of today. The bun is a really easy and chic way to top off an outfit (literally!). I like to wear a bun when a top or dress I am wearing has a really interesting neckline or detailing. I also like to wear one with big jewelry, like large earrings or a statement necklace. A bun can be elegant, sexy, or casual depending on how you wear it. A sleek and high bun is more polished, while a low and softer bun is toned down. This hair style is one of my favorites and is extremely versatile.

How do you like to wear a bun?

 I was wearing:
White asymmetrical top | Gray XOXO skinny jeans | Silver Guess gladiator sandals | White Dolce & Gabbana leather watch

You have seen me wear this top in a past post here.

Thanks for reading!

- Sarah


  1. I love wearing a bun! I'm actually wearing it now.
    Great outfit!

  2. I love to wear bun too! It's so easy and fast to use!!
    Love you outfit!



  3. I agree.. bun in a very versatile way to do the hair.. my messy hair always look better when I put them on a low bun and the hot weather of my country is tamed by my high bun. Go bun!

    The Picnic Girl

  4. Not to sound creepy, but you have a rockin' bod. And those shoes are so fabulous!


  5. Hey thanks for visiting my blog.. love ur blog and lovely colors :)

  6. Superb nails! Like your wonderful blog! Follow you)Follow me?

  7. love the jeans! and great choose of blouse perfect with your jeans and shoes!

  8. i love your skinny jeans with those gold heels! so pretty! and as for the bun, very elegant! please follow and check my blog out please! thanks!

    Miss Nine West


  9. Great outfit dear.
    Love your top & pants :).

    New lovely post on my blog

    Kisses from pepa


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